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Odessa Print in South London, one of the UK's leading poster printers and Printweek's Poster Printer of the Year 2004-2005, has optimized its workflow with VivaPosterize and Kodak's Prinergy Evo system for a full PDF workflow.

The creation and output of large format posters is very demanding and time-consuming. Odessa Offset, whose customers include Anheuser Busch, Procter & Gamble, Saatch & Saatchi, Panasonic, BMW, Air France, British Airways and Coca-Cola, had for some years been searching for a professional solution to enable them to increase their production speed while at the same time maintaining the high quality for which they are already well known.

Dean Orchin, the Production Director, said: "Odessa needed a solution that enabled the output of the UK standard large formats such as 48 sheet posters (6 x 3 metres, 12 sections) and 96 sheet (12 x 3 metres, 24 sections), that fulfilled the specific printer's requirements for the output, and, above all, was very fast."

In 2003, Creo EMEA in Waterloo, Belgium (now Kodak) supplied Odessa with a Brisque RIP and Trendsetter VLF CTP unit together with VivaPosterize for MacOS 9.

"The Viva-Creo workflow solved our colour problem for us", said Mr. Orchin. "We used the colour mapping function to map spot colours to process colour plates, or map identical spot colours together, which we couldn't do before. From importing the job into VIVA to the output of the first plate takes about 5 to 6 minutes."

At the end of 2005, Odessa took delivery of the world's largest offset press, the KBA Rapida 205. The huge plates enabled an output of two sections per plate for the main poster formats of 12 x 3 metres and 6 x 3 metres, thus cutting down considerably on production run time. By the end of 2006 the production was already running smoothly and the company took delivery of an upgrade of the VivaPosterize software to MacOS X. At the same time the extended functiomnality of the software enabled templates for bus sides to be created, whereby multiple sections with differing measurements could be output on one plate.

"It was among other things the speed and the simplicity of the whole process which impressed us," said Mr. Orchin. "With the new press we are putting two poster sections on one plate (2060 x 1510mm) and our production is increasing considerably with our Kodak/Viva poster workflow."

The success of Kodak's Prinergy Evo system with VivaPosterize in both France and Spain convinced Odessa that it was time to upgrade their RIP hardware. The migration from the old Brisque system to Prinergy Evo in November 2008 was completed comfortably in just a few days.

With Prinergy Evo and some adjustments to VivaPosterize to allow a full PDF-in, PDF-out workflow, production speed was brought to a maximum, with the added improvement in speed of transfer of the CIP3 colour files to the press.

"This new system has improved our production enormously," said Mr. Orchin. Where before it took several hours for the colour information to come to the press, we now need just 40 minutes for processing all 24 plates of a 48 Sheet poster as well as transferring the colour information to the press, so we are producing many times faster than ever before."


Das mehrfach ausgezeichnete Unternehmen OLIMAR ist seinem Grundsatz »Klasse statt Masse« stets treu geblieben. Deshalb hat man sich bei OLIMAR für VIVA entschieden. Das Unternehmen Seit 1972 bietet OLIMAR exklusive Reisen für den gehobenen Anspruch. Über 80 Mitarbeiter und 12.000 Reisebüros in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz mit Agenturvertrag sorgen dafür, dass sich die Kunden uneingeschränkt auf ihre Reise freuen dürfen. Dies scheinen die Kunden auch zu honorieren - OLIMAR wurde bereits mehrfach von den Lesern eines Reisemagazins zum besten Veranstalter des Jahres gewählt. Mit rund 180.000 Gästen pro Jahr gehört das Unternehmen zu den Großen unter den »Kleinen«, nicht zuletzt weil OLIMAR europaweit als erste Adresse für Portugal-Reisen gilt.


Early in 2003, VIVA was approached by the Macmillan group regarding the technology and products for reading and analysing Quark documents. As is well-known, VIVA's layout program VivaPress Professional for MacOS 9 has been able to open Quark documents from versions 3 and 4 for a long time, those in the format of version 5 since the beginning of 2003. The technology has already been licenced in the form of libraries to American and European firms producing preflighting products.

Ouest Affiches

Case Study Ouest Affiches, Le Mans, France Ouest Affiches, a leading French poster printer based in Le Mans, has switched its workflow to Kodak's Prinergy Evo system in conjunction with VivaPosterize. The creation and output of large format posters is very demanding and time-consuming. Ouest Affiches, whose customers include Shell, C & A, Triumph and Disneyland Paris, had been searching for a professional solution to enable them to increase their production speed while at the same time maintaining the high quality for which they are already well known.


Duisburg/Koblenz, February 2003 With a turnover of over 1 billion Euro and over 1 million holidaymakers Alltours is one of the five biggest tour operators in Germany. Up to now the production of catalogue pages and price information was carried out with traditional layout programs. This production is of course very complicated and time-consuming. To save further costs, increase efficiency and produce catalogues more quickly, Alltours spent months researching and comparing the systems available.

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